I recently watched a PPV movie on DirectTV staring Denzel Washington of course. The title caught my eye, and my mind threw up flashes of the ’70’s TV show The Equalizer, about a good samaritan, fairly well off so he had free time on his hands to utilize his skills to assist people wronged and suffering injustice.

Well, Denzil’s character does deal harshly with some wrong-doers. However, he himself is a paid spook assassin for a US agency, and only the focus of who gets killed comes into play. In the end, members of his old team are trying to kill him! Of course,  his character is painted as a rational, in-touch with the world around him sort of fellow you’d meet on the landing of your apartment building. Compassionate even.

This was just another example of the line up of movies Hollywood spits out to corrupt the way we think. I admit I’m nearly persuaded. Diabolical characters are more and more portrayed as having a measure of human empathy and compassion, who find themselves in plot scenarios where we find ourselves siding with them, hoping, even desiring them to vanquish that other foe before they bite the dust. Hollywood has given us bad guy heros, the lesser of two evils!

I kind of enjoyed movies of the past where the distinctions were clear. Which brings me to my topic. America has undergone gradual change in the way we look at criminals and criminal behavior. When many states abrogated the death penalty, our penal institutions became laboratories for the criminally insane. Instead of removing the leven of evil, we’ve kept it around, festering. Civil rights activists lobbied for better treatment of inmates to the point of ridiculousness! All the while, hoping the rate of recidivism would drop. A non-sequitur.

What infuriates me the most is that for fifty years state and local governments have been throwing our taxpayer dollars at a system which allows these incarcerated miscreants to become smarter, wiser, stronger and more determined to do their evil craft, believing that the saving of ‘a few souls’ in the process is an enactment of justice. Case in point.

I subscribed to an archaeology journal focusing on the middle-east. In one instance, a ‘scholarly’ reader post came from an inmate in California. Having killed someone in a gang fight he got 20yrs or so. Now this guy begs, borrows and does whatever to obtain any materials pertaining to Egypt. Self-taught, he becomes a sought-after ‘expert’ Egyptologist! Ok, one out of many. But here’s the rub, how did we move away from those good ol’ days, when incarcerated criminals were chained to one another busting rocks for the new county road? Sheriff Joe Arpaio over there in AZ had the right idea: a man doesn’t eat if he doesn’t work!

My family worked all our lives, we even paid back our student loans! Sure would have been nice for you bunch of taxpayers to cover our living expenses so we’d have all the free time in the world to pursue advanced education! Who paid for my schooling and that of my wife? Continued physical fitness, or our recreational / entertainment needs? The clothes we wear, the food we eat, the beds we sleep upon? Excepting we grasp our role in society, we’d be on the streets with the homeless. So why the preferential treatment of sociopaths?

Here’s a thought. Every day we hear of another municipality or city going broke. We hear of the need for millions if not billions more dollars to fix the infrastructure of  services, e.g. water pipes, sewer pipes, communications, etc not to mention the pot-holes and roadways needing repair or replacement. When is the establishment going to wake up to the axiom, if a man doesn’t work he doesn’t (shouldn’t) eat! We need more sheriff clones like Joe Arpaio to bring back the good ol’ days: tethered criminals with balls and chains!


The To-Do List Never Gets Shorter

Well, here it is the down-stretch toward the end of the year 2018! Like most folks my to-do list never reaches the finale, there are always additions and last-minute things that make it to the list. Yet with that said I’m happy to announce the completion of at least two things on my list this year.

JUST SOME STUFF is my newest album of recorded original music. We started the project in 2016, but recurrent CTS kept my hands and fingers numb. 4 hand surgeries in 2017 really put a damper on the list, and the project, but that’s another blog horror story. With some semblance of finger ability (trigger finger syndrome popped up soon after CTS recovery, bummer!) we completed the project. There are 15 original tunes spanning folk, Americana, to funky-folk blues. The album features two new songs iconic to Mineral Wells, Texas, famous for the crazy water mineral wells that flourished during the early part of the 20th Century when the Baker Hotel was erected. Now defunct, the eyesore is a featured landmark. Crazy Water and Baker Hotel Blues pay tribute to the time.

Theodore a Henning II | Just Some Stuff

Anyone interested in mp3 downloads, I utilize to host all my recorded music. For a physical CD, contact me via Facebook

My second achievement is that I finished a novel started over 5 years ago! It is titled, THE SAUWASTIKA ENIGMA offered as an eBook at or print version. The story line involves two young insurance investigators who get caught up in two mysteries; one revolves around a coin believed to be a map of sorts leading to hidden WWII treasure. The concomitant mystery of a loose-leaf piece of paper once found in an old treasure hunters’s journal that presents peculiar notations that could be clues to treasure, or not.

The Sauwastika Enigma 
by Theodore A Henning II 
Ok folks, that’s it for this post, check out the music and prose, then give me a heads up.

Inchoate Post: Pony To The Sky

via Daily Prompt: Inchoate

“…citizens paraded the streets with bands of music, fireworks were set off….the best feeling was manifested by everybody.” – New York times, April 14, 1860 on the success of the first Pony Express delivery. [1]

Not every endeavor ever made is successful. I’m not sure we could use that term to describe the present state of the ever evolving US Postal Service. Granted, each of us should be ecstatic that any written communication sent out reaches it’s destination at all, not to mention all the packages! That humble inchoative event April 3, 1860, from St. Joseph, Missouri spans 158 years of ever increasing ineptitude and inefficiency!

Oops! Did I really mean to say that? You bet I did. Ok, lets face it, all of us have fond reserve for the postal business. I remember my folks always left a Christmas card with a monetary gift inside for the mail carrier who drove through sleet and snow, rain or shine to bring us the bills! I must confess, my wife and I even treat our mail carrier lady to ice cold drinks during our very hot Texas summers, and of course, the annual Christmas event we include a gift card of some kind. For some illusive reason many of us do this.

Never in my working life have I received a ‘bonus’ as some folks do. We give the mail person a ‘bonus’ [X times how many others along the route?] for doing the job they hired on for. I really doubt anybody slapped those pony riders on the back and said, “Great job, son. Here, have a few more pieces of silver for your troubles!”

Although the USPS Pony Express relay delivery start excited the people, it was not without consequence.

“With only two months to make the Pony Express a reality, the team of William H. Russell, Alexander Majors and William B. Waddell had their hands full in January 1860. Over 100 stations, 400-500 horses and enough riders were needed – at an estimated cost of $70,000.” [2]

The ‘Service’ cost a bunch in the beginning, and annual revenue losses have been the grumbling point of discussion ever since! There are a couple salient facts that most folks overlook. In like manner as the US Government, the US Postal Service has the power to create ‘funny-money’ whenever they choose to do so. When you purchase a postage stamp, you are actually purhasing a promissary note: for the sum of whatever, the USPS pledges to render a service, a service concomitant with the value of the note, and of such character as to dispatch any entrusted item with proper affixed postage to an address supplied by the submitter. Further, once you slap that postage stamp on your letter and submit it to the ‘Service,’ a fiduciary relationship is created, wherein the Service now has the sole responsibility of appropriately handling your piece of mail as instructed.

They are inept because they can garner ‘funny-money’ whenever they like and hope they never have to make good on the fiduciary aspect!

You seee, the USP Service has become inept is in its handling of the monies received in the above scenario. When new issue postage stamps become available, many are purchased by collectors. These ‘notes’ then go into an album, a drawer, or a safe! During the last Century, the USPS has spent countless amounts on advertising of their issues, because they know the ‘funny-money’ generated by philiactic sales produces ‘funny-notes’ which will never see the light of day on a piece of mail!

I say inefficient because the Service has all this time operated with OPM [funny-notes], and still can’t provide the services they are in business to provide. The whole Service operation has been getting one big slap on the back, and still maintains it’s not enough! Today we have ‘Priority’ mail services. People pay a premium to get expedient and noteworthy handling, and yet, shouldn’t this kind of mail service have been the norm of the past? Why all of a sudden do we have to pay a premium to get what every other business strives for in day-to-day operation?

Consider this, and I close. If every uncancelled stamp still out there was placed on a piece of mail and delivered to the Service, what do you think would happen? It remains a daunting possibility.

[1, 2]

Smiling Hurts My Face!

Smiling Hurts My Face!

Perhaps you’ve noticed little foxes eating at the vine? The key to profits in marketing these days is no longer to have a great product that everyone clamors to purchase. The key is to make people think what they are buying is of a quality worth their money!

A few years back, retired with time on my hands, my wife suggested I go get a part-time job somewhere. After making several applications to big box chain stores in the area, I settled on the closest. The chain catered to bulk purchasers, and bends over backwards to cull their business. With an advertised 100% satisfaction guarantee, how could anybody lose, right?

I worked the Customer Service counter. We did a lot of returns. Many patrons didn’t know or care that a preponderance of the merchandise could not be res-shelved, or that in most cases, the product manufacturer or supplier would eat the cost of such goods returned, not the store. I was grieved that adults would bring their children during such return events, and show untoward disregard, or even outright lie to me in front of them about their return.

For instance, a representative from a local school district came in to return a pallet of overbought food items; buns, hot dogs, various meats, condiments, etc. that were left over from the district pick-nick over the weekend. On more than one occasion I mentioned to individuals like this that most of the items they were returning would go to the dipsy-dumpster! Folks who purchased consumables willie-nelly, without thinking or giving foresight consideration were only interested in that selfish bottom line, give me back the money!

Needless to say, I didn’t stay with that job long because I had positive proof that the company, through its pervasive feel-good satisfaction guarantee policy no matter what, was in part, corrupting the moral fiber of Americans, and by customer participation, was breading bad examples of the next generation! Consumers cared little that the ‘chain’ had a reputation for putting suppliers out of business to make a profit themselves.

Foxes, little foxes. It used to be we’d buy a pound of bacon for a good price. Juices and packaged drinks a full gallon or a half gallon. We’d shop for good product with seemingly good value for the money. Then, slowly, as the price remained constant, the quantity got cut. Most bacons are 12 oz. now, hot dogs less that 16 oz. Drinks have a few oz. shaved off, and on and on it goes. We pay the same price but receive less. And then slowly, the price does inch up !

My wife too, likes to buy consumables at the big chain store. If you shop at Sam’s Club or Costco, or Aldi’s, they have branded products, too. She bought bulk toilet paper. Nice fluffy, soft but strong stuff. Great it was 4.5” wide. Another time, she picked up a bulk of the same branded TP, only to have me find out the hard way they had shaved off ¼ inch in width, giving less wipe surface for the same money! Monkey with the bacon all you like, but don’t monkey with my wipes!

How could anyone smile at that? My natural, relaxed facial expression is rather bland. My lips have a slight downward turn at the corners. Overall, if I’m contemplating something, I’m not smiling. This pensive expression might give the impression that I’m mad or angry. I’m not, though. Yet for me to smile, the muscles in my face scrinch up shoving all the facial tissues into my eye sockets! Then I’m squinting, and that’s not a good thing for my mug, either.

As a singer/musician I just can’t replicate a smiley, bubbly effervescent persona and have it genuine, that doesn’t come naturally for me. But I am open to trying. Perhaps the open-mouth technique some notable musicians (Vaughn, Clapton) demonstrate, would take the edge off, eh? I’m not even going to think about the last resort as portrayed by ‘the Joker’ with that big, phony tattoo grin from ear to ear! Nope! I’ll just have to educate the masses that smiling hurts my face, I could be deep in contemplation, yah know. Maybe a song title: It Hurts When I Think of You, or Your Cheatin’ Heart, My Hurting Face, or It Hurts Me to Have The Last Laugh, or something like that.





I recently watched a Youtube video about a man who apparently died and went to heaven. He spoke of meeting Jesus and being shown many glorious things there. He also was shown dark, foreboding places, and hideous, demonic creatures. Jesus showed him he had power resident in him by the Holy Spirit. He instructed him to speak out in tongues with a mental intent toward certain evil. This he did there in the spirit. He was given this tongues injunction, and returned to the land of the living. Now, that was his ministry message.

More than a measure of truth in this touched my heart. You see, like many people who make a profession of Christ, believing they are “born-again,” and then settling into a weekly Christian routine culminating in the gathering, the realm of the supernatural had never been part and parcel in my life. No visions, no dreams, no angelic meetings, nothing smacking of the unseen realm ever confronted me [I say this with one caveat: when I was dating, I kissed a girl on the second date, and cannot deny an inner, explosive moment took place, and the words were spoken more like an inner knowing: ‘this is the woman you will spend the rest of your life with!].

This all changed when my wife and I had a ‘post’ born again experience. It was in the late 70’s that we seemed drawn to a deeper spiritual walk with the Lord. There was a movement afoot that seemed to operate above the denominational separation. It was later termed the Charismatic Movement. Principally, we longed for to see the Word preached with signs and wonders following those who believed. The spiritual gifts spoken of in I Corinthians 12 were allowed for and welcomed. Little then did we know that a longstanding aversion toward such gifts had been raging within the organized church World. We understand more now the reasons why.

After embracing what is commonly termed the baptism in/of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, life changed. I didn’t need confirmation regarding an unseen realm, I believed such existed. However, those unseen things had always been just that: illusory. One of the first spooky things to happen was I learned that unseen entities freely come into your home unawares and listen to your conversation.

You see I began the gift of tongues speaking slowly, like a child. A few words at a time until I was fluid in utterance. This took at least a week. Meanwhile, my wife cloistered herself in the bedroom, to develop her gift. After three days or so, I came to her to see how she was doing. Unlike my experience, she was having a vision, no utterances. Eyes shut she saw as it were a wall with strange writing, a script of some kind. So cool! I asked her if she could write it, for which she tried, unsuccessfully. Then I remembered the Gideon Bible has John 3:16 in about 26 World languages. Acquiring that, we discovered what was written on her wall wasn’t there. In time as she released her tongue to speaking syllables, the wall writing grew faint, and disappeared when she finally spoke more fluently! I felt only slightly perturbed, because her’s was a unique experience and mine seemed ho-hum, as expected [my fleshly response].

We understood from the teaching we were receiving that the 9 gifts of I Cor. 12 are given by the Holy Spirit dispensed to members for the building up of the congregation as a whole, and these are given out when and as the Spirit wills. However, speaking in tongues in a church setting is vastly different from the individual gift given to each believer to use daily as they will. [I have since written an ebooklet explaining this called: TAKING HOLD! SPEAKING IN OTHER TONGUES at]

The Apostle Paul gave an injunction to “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” Expecting God to move by his Holy Spirit in church was new information! Early on, I naively thought to help Him with that. One evening after my wife went to bed, I was praying out loud offering myself to be used of the Spirit to edify the church. I was asking for the Holy Spirit to flow through me with one or more of the aforementioned gifts! I even went so far as to list several that seemed interesting, one being the discerning of spirits.

Our bedroom was dark. I climbed into bed and no sooner pulled the covers up to my chin than a hideous vision of a slimy green, elfin-like fangy demon flashed before me. So surprising was this, my body jerked, actually ‘rebounding’ into the mattress as these words were spoken: “And you want to be involved with this?” The intonation was more than questioning.

Wow! I knew I was dealing with a demon an evil spirit of some kind, so I rolled over and under my breath spoke aloud commanding it to depart. Then I fell asleep. I didn’t think it necessary to share this experience with my wife, and didn’t. I should have in hindsight. The week went by without incident.

Then one night after we were in bed, Jean started yelling at something, swatting the air above her face. Reluctantly she described the same harassing spirit that had confronted me just the week before! In her case there was no audible voice. It was then we realized this thing was invading our home, and my 12 year-old daughter was upstairs! Together we cast that demon out of our house, forbade it from ever returning or bothering us again in Jesus name. It went. But what this demon-strated was these unseen entities creep into our lives and eavesdrop on our conversations and way of life! Think of all the information they have gathered about Christian behavior through the Centuries!

If you carefully parse the spread of the gospel in the Acts, and pay close attention to passages pertaining to the Apostle Paul, you will see that “taking hold” of the Holy Spirit [e.g. personal use speaking in other tongues] was very important to him. So much so, that over in I Cor. 14 he thanks God that he speaks in tongues more than the Corinthian Christians did! Given that, we might posit that every congregation Paul had a hand in raising up was a gifts-in-operation, tongues talking group!

In addition to corrupting the human DNA pool, Lucifer has been ever active attempting to emaciate the power of the Holy Spirit in the life of believers everywhere. May the remnant take hold!


If you are not intrigued enough to dig out my ebook, I will be more than glad to email you a copy of the Appendix B which makes a case for tongues in the spiritual armament given to Christians, and what I believe to be a glossed over biblical idiom, en pneuma.

Don’t Pray For The Lost!


(Message For Christians Only)

That’s right! Don’t pray for the lost! My ruminations may bring ilk and ire down upon me, I may lose friends, but folks, the points I want to make are part of the end-times equation. Don’t simply write me off, I hope for at least some dialogue from Christian believers. Comments from ‘the world’ I really don’t give a rip.

So much is happening in our worldly environment today, things are not only skewed, but screwed up! Imagine the sum is like bringing water to a boil; at some point all hell breaks loose among the charged molecules, and the cauldron goes raucous.

Scripture instructs us to be in season and out of season ready to give an account of the hope that is within us (believers). Perhaps you have been one of those individuals who can’t contain themselves, you are as if compelled to share Jesus with others, as many as you meet. Or, perhaps you simply maintain a silent ‘witness’ in your daily life. In either case, you may have noticed individuals who just don’t give a hoot about this Christian stuff, never give it the time of day, and never will!

I’ve noticed many threads with comments by angry people against Christians and the points of faith they share. Some are inwardly wrestling with the truth of the gospel as they deny it, hardening their heart in the process. Another explanation might be is these individuals lack the necessary spiritual component, consequently they simply cannot respond to the gospel message of Christ. It’s impossible for them to do so, let me explain below. Additionally, we find not only rejection to the message, but outright usurpation of it and us. They are “lost” and trying to take us with them!

Have you ever seen one of those old-timey sepia toned photos? There is a sepia filter that renders pictures you take like something from a century ago. What is the point of the saying, ‘rose colored glasses?’ They allow us to see life differently, enhancing or diminishing perceived aspects. The same thing works with biblical knowledge and insight, depending on the filter used.

Ok, here we go, the long explanation. The first scripture in the Bible that gives an inkling our living God has an agenda is Genesis 3:15. The Tempter referred to as the serpent (Satan, the Devil, or the Shining One) has deceived Eve, and Adam has gone along with the first recorded sin. God is rightfully mad and upset. He speaks to the serpent and says,

 “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; he shall bruise thy head, and you shalt bruise his heel.” (KJV)

Scholars and theologians universally agree this scripture indicates the literal offspring, the Christ, who comes many hundreds of years later in the future. Jesus the Messiah is the promised seed of the woman, his heel bruised at the cross. Ok, we like that, but here’s the filter created when many of these same scholars allegorize the seed of the serpent, thus treating what God said differently. They reject a literal interpretation. But, we must ask, could there really be a literal seed of the serpent in the earth; in the like manner as Jesus was the literal seed of the woman?

Three chapters on in Genesis 6, the whole earth is so corrupt God laments he has given man authority over his creation, and reveals the plan to Noah wherein he will destroy all living life, everything that breathes! Exception being Noah and his family.

Whoa, pardner! the ‘lost’ might say, where is your all-loving god in that?

Reading closely we realize a glossed over truth: fallen heavenly beings had raped human woman, and in the process they produced a corrupted DNA population, the Nephilim who become mighty in the earth! The seed of the serpent is embodied in the offspring of fallen angels mating with human women! Church leadership has an aversion to such a scenario, adopting the rationale that these ‘sons of god’ are the righteous lineage of Seth who took wives of the wayward/wicked line of Cain. Their offspring just happen to become powerful, wicked men in contrast to other men!

The Noetic flood was a purging measure by God not to be judgmental or mean, but the only way He could safeguard his DNA creation! Noah was found “perfect in his generations…” meaning Noah and his wife did not have corrupted DNA in their makeup! Remember, an uncorrupted human DNA line was necessary to bring forth the promised Messiah, a divine incarnate act by God (the kenosis), brought about through the chosen vessel (Mary) who was completely human.

Perhaps you’ll understand this was Satan’s strategy since the garden fiasco: to corrupt the human DNA gene pool so profusely, the promised ‘seed of the woman,’ either could not come about, or he, too, would be corrupt, not able to be God’s Champion. If you think this strange, remember, the “lost” in Hollywood were well aware of this possibility, their understanding demonstrated in the 1968 film Rosemary’s Baby, then followed by The Exorcist and the Omen.

The Genesis record states there were these Nephilim before the flood, and afterwards. This could only mean that one or both of Noah’s son’s wives had angel DNA in their makeup, or that more fallen angels engaged in the practice again after the flood as the population began to increase.

You remember, as time progressed God chose Abraham to begin a people group special to him. It was later during the 400 yrs. of slavery to Egyptians that the Israelites became a formidable population, for the most part, a gene pool without DNA corruption. Then when Joshua spearheaded the reclamation of the promised land, it was there they confronted enemy tribal groups God had ordered complete annihilation of; men, women, children, beasts and possessions all to be destroyed! He wasn’t being a ‘mean’ god. These earmarked population groups were again so DNA corrupted, only by removing the leaven before it mixed with the dough could prevent contamination. Unfortunately, God’s command was not completely heeded, and we find record in the Bible that some of these groups were allowed to live and serve the Israelites. Of course there was assimilation over the years, and subsequently to some extent, corruption of the gene pool.

The Genesis 6 record stating that heavenly beings had sexual intercourse with human women, giving rise to progeny of mixed DNA individuals is the lens filter we must use to understand many difficult aspects of the New Testament. In a fictional short story written for the #OnceUponNow contest (Everything Pans Out In The End) and also published at, I use this information to reconsider the wheat and the tares story told by Jesus. Here is an excerpt from my story.

[Bobby talking to friends at a lunch party]

“The Rabbi Jesus was instructing his followers concerning the Kingdom of God. He told the story of a farmer who had sewn good wheat seed in his field. However, on the day the wheat began to grow, the man’s gardeners saw that tares, some kind of undesirable weed that looks like wheat, had been sewn amongst the wheat, and were growing also.

“The gardener asked his master if he should pluck out the tares, to which, the farmer told his hired man not to, because in so doing he might pluck up some good wheat by mistake. He told him to wait for the harvest, then the wheat would be separated from the tares.”

Tammy piped up, “I know! The tares represent all the bad people, and the wheat are the good ones, right?”

“Tammy, you hit upon the most logical explanation, the one many Christians have held for a long time, that the wheat represents the repentant sinners, and the tares are those who are unrepentant individuals. But to my way of thinking the metaphor doesn’t align with this.” Bobby offered.

Although the material in this conversation was foreign to Deidra, she understood the metaphoric implication. “Now, the conversation is getting interesting,“ she had thought, cause Bobby was usually reserved, and not so overtly opinionated.

“How’s that?” asked Tammy.

“Well, for one thing, in the Bible it says Rabbi Jesus explained that while the man had sewn good seed in his field, an enemy had come and sown tares among the wheat.”

“So, I still don’t see another explanation to the metaphor,” Gloria Jean broke in.

“Well, the scriptures claim the Hebrew God created the first human couple, Adam and Eve, right?”

“So?” came a response.

“The wheat seed is God sewing the earth with the first human beings. For the metaphor to be consistent, there must be an enemy of God, and tradition states it to be the fallen Archangel, Lucifer, who in this case sews the tares. In other words, Lucifer introduces something less than pure DNA humans as other organic beings with many characteristics resembling true humans!” Bobby explained.

“Where in the world did you get such an idea, Bobby? Who among us aren’t true human beings?” asked Gloria Jean.

“Nephilim!” Bobby responded.

There was an almost unanimous response, “Nephilim?”

“What the hell is that?” asked Tammy.

“Nephilim were the children of women who had been raped by angels!” Bobby answered. “These angelic beings corrupted the human gene pool so profusely, the Hebrew God brought a great flood to destroy all but eight people!” [end]


We Christians are so quick to quote John 3:16 and 17, or the Roman’s Road to our generation, believing EVERYBODY has an opportunity to obtain redemption, yet far be it the case. People who perished in the flood were condemned by God without the prospect of redemption! In essence, they amounted to one gigantic ‘tares’ population. It will be at the coming judgment that the tares of this age are ultimately separated. Through no fault of their own making, they are ‘lost.’ Remember, these ‘tares’ resemble the wheat, but are not true wheat, and thus will receive no redemption opportunity.

Another consideration. If Jesus’ Wheat and Tares parable is actually indicative of God’s  creation standing side by side with something he didn’t create (angel-human hybrids) than we must understand, there is NO way we can transform a tare into a wheat!

You ask, “Henning, are you losing your mind?” To which I say, “Stay with me now!”

If we consider the arguments of predestination in light of the above, it strains the free-will of man concept because there would be no free-will operative in the life of those ultimately lost, destined as they are to the second death. As I posit, they lack the spiritual component necessary to respond to the gospel as do ordinary sinners because they are hybrid humans. The whole corrupted DNA thing has us look at predestination passages quite differently. And remember, it was Apostle Paul who remarked that the gospel of Jesus Christ is a sweet scent like perfume to those who are being saved, and a stench of death to those perishing. There’s nothing smacking of a labor of love in that statement!

We’ve all heard a preacher say we should pray for the lost, pray for those lost souls, right? I considered that if this was the case, the New Testament should be replete with injunctions to do just that. So, as an exercise I used Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to find every NT reference to pray, prayer, and praying from Romans through Revelation. To my surprise there was no urgency, command or injunction to pray for the lost! The preponderance of requests for prayer are for the welfare of individuals who had already believed, as well as Paul’s repeated requests that prayer be made for open-door opportunities to preach the gospel. There was no indication or command that we should ‘labor in prayer’ for the lost! Interesting, eh?

[On a side note, I did find two times that curses are made toward individuals who have rejected Christ and the gospel message, and one request that prayers be made in behalf of all men.]

Here’s another way of looking at this. Bible prophecy is ostensibly cloaked in language that obscures the message. Passages penned by Ezekiel, Daniel and others use what is termed apocryphal language. Perhaps you are familiar with Revelation, a book heaped with such apocryphal imagery. Eschatologists (those who study end-times prophecies and world events) often decide what points should be understood literally, and those that paint a figurative picture. I have heard the mantra, that one should view the writing literally if at all possible, and if not, look for the meaning behind the written statement.

So, given that, there is a thread of information running throughout Revelation that has precedent all the way back in Genesis. God’s book! After Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt, and he goes up the mountain to receive God’s commandments, he descends to find many are reveling in sacrifice to demon gods. When Moses ascends again to God, he’s aware this was a great sin. In an effort to defuse God’s anger, Moses proposes that he alone be scratched out of His book, and for God to forgive all the sinners. God refuses, and reassures Moses with, “…Whosoever hath sinned against me, him will I blot out of my book.” (Exodus 32:33, KJV)

Now jump to Revelation 3:5 where Jesus is addressing the angel of the believers at Sardis wherein he says of the overcoming ones, that he will not blot out their name from his book of life. Jesus has a Book of Life with names in it!

Here then, we must believe the mention of this Book of Life is a literal fact, and that there really is a book of names. It was Jesus’s book that Moses referenced, and here we have mention of it again! It is my contention that every true human being begins this life listed in the Book of Life. However, any of those names can be blotted out, given the circumstances judged by Jesus himself.

In Revelation 13:8 there is mention of beast worshipers with missing names in the Book of Life. But in Revelation 17 verse 8 we find individuals whose names were never written in the BOL from the foundation of the world! Thus we see there are those who from the beginning have their name in the Lamb’s Book of Life, those who have been blotted out, and yet others who never had their name in Jesus’ book!

Which of the three above groups is most likely composed of human hybrids? Conclusion: don’t pray for the lost.


As a Christian, I have always been troubled by the inability to reconcile the massacre of the world population during the Noetic flood with Christ coming to save sinners. Were not the people of Noah’s time ‘sinners’ just like you and me, sinners needing redemption, too? Would not Christ’s blood sacrifice avail for them?

Down through the ages there have been many periods of evil and carnage, despots torturing and murdering countless millions of people. Yet, God did not bring about judging calamity then! In our time we’ve witnessed countless examples of gross immorality, hedonism, wickedness and all manner of sin, yet no judgment.

When Jesus was asked by his disciples what would be the sign of his coming and the end of the age, he replied, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of man.” Something very extraordinary was happening in Noah’s time. Because Christ introduces this historical time period, we have to take into account heavenly beings were at one time engaged in DNA engineering! This fact offers the insight to understand what was at stake here in the earth.

I firmly believed the Deceiver has not been idle, but has been at the task ever since the garden. Certainly such perspective helps us account for those bizarre ‘mythical’ creatures that dominate Greek and Roman culture, not to mention others. Now modern medical science folk are involved. We need be ready for the extraordinary to break loose in the cauldron any moment!

Additional Thoughts

I do believe that the early Christians were aware of this situation that my article above describes. However, Apostle Paul stresses that we are ‘in the world’ but not ‘of the world.’ Ultimately, the end-time reapers will make the distinction between the sheep and the goats, the wheat and the tares. Enclaves of believers wanted to alienate themselves from the ‘world’ and live apart, freely to worship God. History has born that although this may have been our heart’s cry, to live apart lives pleasing to the one true God, ‘the world’ system of politics, economics, and ethnic interaction, including wars, has diminished the prospect of aestheticism, and we see a more syncretic amalgamation of Christians and ‘the world.’ I believe the injunction to not give heed to ‘fables’ is Paul’s warning to not take this understanding to the extreme in daily interaction with others. However, Jude’s letter introduces some strange insights, and I think he was addressing the issue, also, a point very serious for us Christians today.

Beware! Pirates Still Stealing!

Galveston Pirates With Us Today! A true story.

[Originally submitted to two Galveston Is. periodicals, publication rejected.]

Crimes of theft often pepper the late night news. Somebody here or there on a lonely street or darkened alleyway is robbed at gunpoint. The news always involves people quite distant from the comforting confines of our living-room television set. Tragedy happens so distant from us. That is, until the robbery hits home, literally.

If you have not already been informed, let me tell you, the theft of real estate property, homes, across America is on the rise, and it just might happen to you as on Galveston Island! Let me share from our recent experience.

My wife and I live near Fort Worth. We have vacationed Galveston for the past 25 years. The dream of owning a ‘piece of island heaven’ never waned; but stood far off, aloof from becoming a reality. Our Daughter often travels to Houston on business, from where she usually descends on Galveston for a reprieve, like a bee to a prairie wildflower. There, she fingers her iPad with stark rapidity, searching the likes of Zillow,, and the Galveston taxing authority for real estate information. Such diligence aided her quest one day as she drove up and down beachfront communities looking for a promising structure. You could say, ‘She got the ‘itch’’ on those trips, and often continued her property searching even after returning home to the Metroplex.

Then she found a small structure, a fisherman’s shack really, that still held the scars of Hurricane Ike. With all boldness, she talked to a neighbor and found out that the owners lived off-island. Digging some more, she found an address and wrote a letter of inquiry to the owner, but never received a reply. A year later, she again contacted the owner, but this time, through a Realtor representative conducting business where the owners lived.

About the time the sales contract was presented, the owner’s wife passed! That Galveston property had long since lost its pleasurable draw, and the owner promptly agreed to sell. From this point on, pirating shenanigans surface!

I had told my Daughter to ask the title company for a preliminary title search report. She did and two issues surfaced: a Chain of Title issue because one of the owners was deceased; and a cloud to the title which showed that someone else, not the owner, had recently granted a Warranty Deed to another individual! Someone simply wrote out a Warranty Deed to another person, and that person went and recorded it as proof of conveyed ownership!

The first issue is germane to readers because the property was originally titled to parents of the owner, way back in the 1960’s; parents who had died Intestate, meaning without a Will, and the proper Chain of Title to our seller had never been resolved in court. I can only surmise that there is yet today property owners with such title issues. If you are concerned about your interests, consult an attorney; you will need resolve title issues before you can sell.

My Daughter’s seller and real estate agent were totally flabbergasted that someone, unknown to them, posing as but not being in truth the owner, had conveyed the property to a third party with a fraudulent Warranty Deed! And to make matters worse, that third party moved into the house, and there was nothing anyone could do about it!

After a convoluted course of trying to work through all the problems, having invoked the local police authorities, a Galveston judge, the seller’s agent, the title company and the costly private attorneys, the aggravation was insurmountable, and the contract abandoned. You can imagine the horror and grief this seller was feeling, as we certainly were.

The phony conveyance resulted in the loss of one man’s family property interest, the loss of bonifide purchasers, and then possession of the property by an interloper! And folks, our Texas Property Law allowed this to take place! Many questions were asked, many avenues traveled. But through it all, the alarming question I had was, “How did such person X obtain an interest in the property in order to grant a recordable Warranty Deed? The obvious answer is that he had no legal interest /or right to convey, and nobody seemed ready or willing to investigate that point! In the end, the pirates on Galveston Island are alive and well, stealing like never before!